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Drop your oxygen tank for a new portable concentrator.

Don’t let your sleep apnea get in the way of your travel plans.

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Breathe Easy With a New CPAP Machine

We sell portable oxygen concentrators in Manahawkin, NJ; Wake Forest, NC; Hackettstown, NJ; and Bradenton, FL and we also ship to anywhere in the U.S.

Taylored Health Equipment is a CPAP machine and portable oxygen concentrator provider based in Wake Forest, NC; Bradenton, FL; Manahawkin, NJ; and Hackettstown, NJ and we also ship to anywhere in the U.S. We help people who struggle with breathing issues travel and become more mobile with our top-quality devices.
Portable Oxygen Concentrators | CPAP Machines 

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Take a better deep breath

Are you seeking relief from a chronic breathing condition? Taylored Health Equipment can help you manage symptoms of:

Lung infections
Obstructive sleep apnea

We carry portable oxygen concentrators that provide medical-grade oxygen with up to 90% consistency. These lightweight and compact devices filter the air in your surroundings to help you inhale quality air wherever you go. We also carry CPAP machines designed to help you breathe well while you sleep.

Why choose a portable oxygen device?

Enhance your day-to-day life with a portable oxygen concentrator from Taylored Health Equipment. You should consider ditching your oxygen tank for a portable machine to:

Enjoy life without lugging a heavy tank.
Be free to golf, hike and travel with ease.
Improve the quality of air you breathe anywhere.

Place an order for a portable oxygen machine in Hackettstown, NJ; Wake Forest, NC; Manahawkin, NJ; or Bradenton, FL or anywhere in the U.S. today by calling Taylored Health Equipment.

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